Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Submit Yourself to God Daily

I was thinking on the way to work about how the Bible says to submit yourself to God.

In my life, I have learned that I didn't just submit my life to God once, but I have to do it over and over, almost daily. Greed, selfishness, control, and all the other things quickly creep in.

I do an exercise where I literally have an image in my head where I am sitting on the throne of my life because I am in control, I know what is best, etc. etc. Then, I get off the throne and allow Jesus to come sit on the throne of my life, as I lay face down on the floor. It reminds me who should be in control of my life. It reminds me to pray and thank God for caring that much about me.

When you think about it, who would you rather have running your life? Imperfect you who has no idea what is really best for yourself? Or, a God who knows you better than you could ever know yourself, who has plans for you and knows exactly what you need every day and before you ever do.

You aren't losing control, you are letting the master have control. You are free ! You don't have to worry anymore because God is calling the shots in your life. What could be better than that? I know I have screwed up my life so I am happy to give my throne to God.

Try the exercise.... it really puts things in perspective.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

God answers prayer if you wait on him, even on the small things

Below is the latest God Thing that has happened to me ........

I had been driving the same car for 12 years. It had 201,000 miles and had been a good car, but I knew the time was coming when something would happen to it that we would question whether it was worth the cost to fix it. My wife and I tossed the idea around about getting a new car, but really couldn't afford a car payment at the time.

So, we prayed about it and prayed about it for quite a few months. I have only had a few spiritual dreams in my life, and I was about to have another. I sleep like a log, and one night last January I couldn't sleep, so I wondered, am I supposed to pray for someone or something, but no one or nothing really came to mind except the car, so I prayed about the car earnestly for quite a while. I gave it to God and just asked that he would tell me when it was time.

I drifted back to sleep. In my dream I was sitting in a room reading the Bible and as I was reading I read past the word "wait". I went back to that word and wondered why that word stuck out to me, then I said "God, are you saying I should wait?" In that second, the words rose up off the page and tripled in size WAIT. The next morning, I was relieved because I knew God was telling me to wait and I didn't have to worry anymore.

Well, my car needed new struts and the seat was shot and the door didn't close right and as I bounced down the freeway the next couple weeks, I was getting impatient..... I said "God, how long do I have to wait?" Even though it would be hard, I really felt like I needed a new car. Finally, after a couple more weeks, I said "God, I don't know how long I can wait. If I am supposed to get a new car, make it clear today, but without killing me."

I went to pick up my kids from school, and on the way home, close to home, I went around a turn and the car kind of slid but the wheels stayed on the ground, then it kind of bounced back and clunked. The engine still ran fine but something was very wrong with the axle or steering underneath. I was able to get home, but I called the mechanic and they recommended not driving it as it could be dangerous.

I was kind of excited as I had asked for God to make it clear that day and he did, but I was still nervous about making payments if we bought a different car.

Well, we started shopping around and drove some slightly used cars, then found a car that was a 2007, last one, only had 100 miles on it and it had been reduced because they said it had frame damage in transport and was repaired. It looked fine to us so we bought it.

The next day, my wife started getting nervous because she wondered if the frame or integrity of the car would be compromised. I got nervous too and started looking at lemon laws for our state on-line. I finally decided to take it to an auto body shop after talking with them on the phone. They said that they could look at it and tell me what work had been done on it and if it was okay, but that I probably shouldn't have bought it in the first place.

As I was driving there, I asked God why this was happening after all the confirmations were there. I knew he just wanted me to trust him. The auto body shop said the dealer should have paperwork or know exactly what was done and the damage that had happened. After a thorough under body check, the guy said he couldn't find anything on the car that would indicate there had ever been any bodywork was perfect. I was relieved but curious.

I called the dealer and they did some checking and then got back on the phone and said they wanted their car back because they think they put the frame damage paperwork with the wrong car and they wanted to re-sell it for full price. I don't think they would have taken it back, but I think they were concerned that another car they sold for full price had the damage. I thanked God for getting us such a good deal.

We bought the car on 2/14/08. The first payment was due on 3/31/08 and I knew we could make the payment, but we would'nt be paying down our debt real fast.

Today, it is 4/1/08. In the 6 weeks since we bought the car, I have had two raises and a promotion at work. God has not only provided the money for the payment, but has given us twice that. And we made our first payment knowing full well that God has blessed us and been taking care of us the whole way through.

That is my God Thing today. Won't you please share your story? God bless you !

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."